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If you are the one who likes to skip the makeup on a daily period,

we offer our eyelash and eyebrow treatments for you. 


Eyelashes and eyebrows  symbolize beauty, womanliness and gaiety. 

Perfectly sculpt eyebrows and emphatic lashes frame your eyes, 

and are able to alter and soften features. 

Long Lashes

Eyelash lifting

  • 45-60 mins, HUF 10,490

Eyebrow lamination

  • 25-30 mins, HUF 9,990

Eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination combo

  • 100-120 mins, HUF 18,990

Eyebrow tint and lash tint combo

  • 30 mins, HUF 5,490

Eyebrow tint

  • 15  mins, HUF 2,990

Lash tint

  • 15 mins, HUF 2,990

Eyebrow threading

  • 20 mins, 1,990 HUF


Eyebrow tint is for those whose eyebrows are faint, thin or the shape isn’t proper. 


Lash tint highlights and adds definition to the eye. By getting  lash tinting, you don’t need to bother with  mascara every day. 

Lash lifting gives spectacular results without applying glue and 3D hair. Nevertheless, this treatment alters the color and shape of your lashes. It perfectly suits for those who dislike 

lash extension, or they aren’t allowed to have them during working hours. The lifted lashes can be tinted with mascara afterwards. Oily makeup removers and creams can also be used. 

Eyebrow lamination is a new innovative process for natural eyebrow shaping. Thanks to the special tightening technique, even the tiniest eyebrows can be arranged in the “right” direction. Currently, this is the most durable (non-tattoo-based) procedure we can provide for weeks of fixed eyebrows for our guests. By using it, we can achieve a fuller, more orderly effect, which is the dream of many women and more and more men today. Laminating will make your eyebrows more expressive. Moreover, errors caused by missing eyebrows can be eliminated.

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