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Manicured Nails

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Today the beautiful hands are not delux but necessity, since 

they are irremissible for good-looking. 


Everybody can see our hands , so beauty and neatness are important. We may not think, but if we treat our feet, we can prevent several problems in the future with regular maintenance. 


Today the manicure is indispensable when speaking about beautiful hands, regardless if you are a woman or a man. We don’t just cater to the ladies, and men don't need to feel embarrassed when having a hand beauty treatment. In the 21st century, it’s an expectation not to settle for cutting our nails at home, but it’s the best if a professional treats our hands. 

French Manicure

Gel polish for hand

  • 60-75 mins, 5.900 HUF

Gel polish for foot

  • 60-75 mins, 5.900 HUF

Gel polish for hand & foot

  • 120-150 mins, 10.400 HUF



  • 30 mins, 2.990 HUF

Manicure + normal polish

  • 45 mins, 3.700 HUF

Japanese manicure

  • 45 mins, 3.900 HUF

Normal nail polish

  • 15 mins, 1.500 HUF

Hand treatment with paraffin

  • 20 mins, 2.990 HUF


The gel nail polish hardens on  UV-light, and it’s a hybrid material which doesn’t fret and flakes rarely. It combines the advantage of gel (used for artificial nails) with nail polish, as it spreads perfectly and you can’t see stripes in it.It seems more natural than artificial nails, as it doesn’t thicken your nails. 


Due to the Japanese manicure, you can get rid of weak, fragmented nails, as this procedure rejuvenates your nails.


During our hand beauty treatment with paraffin, the paraffin is enriched with vitamins so that it can nourish our hands. At first we dip our hands into warm paraffin, consequently the vitamins found in the paraffin can work off into the skin. It increases blood circulation, so the active agents can get to the cells much  quicker, therefore aging of the hand slows down

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